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Sunflower or Vegetable Oil? It’s Not Natural!

Sunflower oil in the bottle moving on production line in a factory

Millions of people cook with polyunsaturated oils, perhaps thinking it’s from a natural seed, so no problem, perhaps following conventional advice that it’s a healthy option, but definitely oblivious to how processing turns a natural seed into an axe wielding maniac of havoc and destruction, well…in a cellular level type of way. Read More

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What UK patients ought to know about a leaky gut test and the NHS

If you are wondering if you’ve got leaky gut and whether you should get a test, read on for an overview of what your options are and possible ways forward.


Leaky Gut – The awkward NHS viewpoint

In the UK there are issues to consider with the NHS for those with leaky gut problems, basically the NHS view is one of scepticisim regarding Read More

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Conquering Health Fear – 10 Coping Strategies for Chronic Illness

Conquering Health Fear

Suffering with new symptoms, with worsening symptoms, a diagnosis, new treatment, struggling through the day….it can all get overwhelming…fear, helplessness, despair…strong words but unfortunately the decline of our health can hit us really hard. In order to cope, get by and move forward, some introspection on how you are going to respond and react to what comes up and how to deal with these feelings is really important in order to stay afloat. Using some of the following strategies will give a good foundation to enable sufferers to maximise quality of day to day life.
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Conventional Healthcare Vs. Functional Medicine

Conventional vs Functional

The conventional approach to providing medical treatment for chronic conditions goes as follows…provide medication to relieve the symptom, or provide different medications to treat multiple symptoms, keep doing this…forever. Or keep doing this until the medication fails to continue to provide relief for the symptom, and then try a different medication. Or keep doing this until it becomes apparent that the medication has some unwanted side effect. You get the picture. Read More

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The Fantastic Four of Functional Medicine

Four Rs Infographic

The Four R’s is a powerful treatment program that helps sufferers with chronic health complications to quickly address and heal the root causes of their symptoms, regardless of their severity and duration of affliction. It tackles gut health, based on an understanding of the key role that the gut and gut lining plays in so many aspects of disease, after all, 80% of our immune system is located in the digestive system.
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